We proudly use the "Pond Eco" and "Aqua Scapes Design" pond kits because after years of research and seeing what a mess some of those other pond kits produce, we and our customers feel that this is truly the most carefree pond you will ever find.  The philosophy is that your pond becomes an ecosystem. Your pond will "Come Alive" and will take care of itself.  All of our ponds come with 4 different types of water plants and 4 - 6 fish (depending on size of pond.)  We can make you a pond as small as 4' x 6' or as big as your whole backyard.  We even offer "Pondless" waterfalls, where you have the sight and sound of flowing water without the pond.  Click on any photo to enlarge.
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Our First Pond
An Outdoor Paradise
Pond right up to Deck
Tranquility Abounds
A Pondless Waterfall
Two waterfalls on this baby
Proud Owners can't wait to enjoy Pond
curtian falls
4' wide Curtain Fall
There's Always Room For A Pond
They are all my Favorites - 2005 NAWGS Pond Tour
Double Cascades with Planter
Happy Customers