This yard deserves a Pond!

Building a Pond
We position the waterfall unit

We start with the site location that is available for the pond.  That helps us and the homeowner determine the size of the pond.  Next, we start the dig out of the pond, the sides are stair stepped to provide stability for the sides of the wall of the pond and to provide shelves upon which to plant/place the aquatic plants.  The liner of the pond is a strong 45-mil EPDM liner that comes with a 20 year guarantee and a felt underlayment. 

 The waterfall unit and the skimmer unit work in conjunction with one another to circulate the water of the pond, both have filters, and the skimmer unit houses the pond's pump so that it is out of sight and in no contact with debris.  You only have to clean the skimmer filter once a week, like you would a pool skimmer basket. 

The rocks and gravel in the pond not only add a natural look to the pond, they protect the liner from UV rays, damage from animals and other sharp objects, they also help hold down the liner during high ground water conditions, create areas for the fish to hide, and provides a surface area for the bacteria to colonize.  That is what keeps your pond clean.  Plants, fish, water circulation and bacteria is what makes your pond become an Eco-system and it takes care of  itself with little interaction from the pond owner.   

We start the dig out of the pond
Rocking the pond in
Group photo upon completion