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Our rock work is not the same old stuff you see in everyone's yard.  Our rock work is a "Work of Art".  A lot of other companies out there try to copy us, but they just can't duplicate the style and craftmanship of our landscape team. 

Flag Stone in Crushed Granite


See how pretty the rock looks along the border of this bed? You can appreciate all the textures and colors that the rock has to offer.  The path created here is flag stone layed in crushed granite.  


This is a neat and inexpensive way to create a path from the drive to the front walk.  We simply in-lay the flag stone into the ground and you can mow right over it. 

Flag Stone Path Layed in Sod
Patio Extension with Flag Stone Overlay


We can even do patios, extend a patio for more space, and to give it that final touch, we can do an overlay of natural flagstone, tile, or stain.


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