Drainge is the most important part of the landscape plan.  If you have water coming off your roof during a rain, it can wash away the flower bed, water could get into your home or the weep holes along the foundation.  Water can sit in a low spot and kill the grass.  You can have gutters and still have a problem with rainwater.  When we need to catch that rainwater run-off, we use a thing called the French Drain.

French Drains
French drains is a term used to describe drain lines used underground to receive surface water and move it to a more desireable location or out to the street.  The pipe used is usually black plastic, corgated, flexible pipe that comes in 10' sections or a roll of 100'.  It can be solid or slotted depending on the type of situation the drain is solving.  Examples are if the lawn is holding water in a certain area, i.e. between your home and the neighbor's, we would install slotted French Drain pipe all along through the wet area so that anywhere along the spain of the drain where water wants to sit, it will enter the drainpipe and flow to where the drain goes, either to a ditch, the street, or a catch basin.  If the drain passes through a bed area, solid French Drain pipe would be used so no dirt, mulch, or plant roots enter into the drain.

Slotted French Drain Pipe
french drains
Gravel is laid on top so water can enter
French Drain
Rock Border to keep bed materials out of drain and cobble rock on top of gravel for aesthetics
Grass grows over gravel keeping drain open to catch rainwater run-off from rooftops
Of Course all our drain work is guaranteed.  As with all out work, I ask the customer to call me if something goes wrong or something is not working correctly.  I have never gotten a complaint on any of our drainwork.  In fact, I have gotten drain jobs on referrals from customers and realtors.  We are fully insured should any situation arise.  We are licensed by the City of Houston and are prepared to pull the permit for your work if needed.  We also contact the proper authorities to have the utlities marked before we dig.