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Owner Stephanie Hogue

  Paradise Pond, Lawn & Garden is an H&H Lawn Care company.  The Owner, Stephanie Hogue, a Native Houstonian, has been serving the Kingwood & Atascocita area since 1995. In the beginning it was only her and one helper (who had 25 years experience.) For 3 years she was "one of the crew" members, mowing, landscaping and getting right in there with the men to get the job done. She saw what it took to create a great job and encountered many "not so great" jobs created by others and learned from their mistakes. All projects are created to be as maintenance free as possible. We use quality plants, trees, and shubs, and always guarantee our work.

  Stephanie has an Associates Degree in Business and over 15 years in the legal field. She has taken and received certificates for course work pertaining to landscaping and design, and is a member of ALCA, the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, and a Water Wise Partner with the State of Texas. She has a lot of happy customers and is well known in the community and greatly respected among her peers.

  The Paradise crew is her extended family. She has always worked members of the same family who stem from the original worker who taught her everything. Her workers love what they do and take great pride in their work. They are all legal h2b workers which means you won't get temporary workers who probably have a shady past, working in your yard. Paradise is licensed and bonded.

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